Saturday, September 13, 2008

West Guan Yong

West Guan Yong is a river located in the west of the city of Guangzhou, and is about five kilometers long, divided into two branches, the Upper West Guan Yong and the Lower West Guan Yong. Because of urban development, it has all been converted into .

During the reigh of Wanli Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, can sail along West Guan Yong up to Qingyun Bridge , which is today's Qingyun Li, Taoshayou, and Wanzhong Li. Since the Qing Dynasty, Daguan River, which is connected to West Guan Yong, has silted up to Guilan . In 1810, Qingyun Li, Taoshadang, and Wanzhong Li went into land. Daguan River is ended at 14-Pu Pier, today's in Ruixing Li. According to the 1872 ''Nanhai County Zhi'', Ruixing Li had gone into land by siltation, and the Daguan River goes only to Guangya Li. Further in 1954 only the waterway in the west of Milk Bridge remains.

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